A New Concept for Content Creators

Online & short-form content has created new rules. With decreased budgets or no budget, the old model of content production is no longer relevant.

WorkArts is a new concept created to address the challenge of independent media production: the challenge of wanting high production value, without the expertise or budget for professional services.

Our mission is to significantly increase the production value of your work through a novel approach of expert guidance, hands-on work by industry professionals, and custom tools to expedite the post-production process.


WorkArts is a community of content creators and industry professionals aligned to create studio level, professional content.


WorkArts Mentors are award-winning industry professionals leading our events and workshops.


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The WorkArts Method

At our mentor-guided workshops, you'll first meet with a professional who will give guidance on your project. You'll then jump on one of our workstations to implement what you've learned, with our team standing by to guide. Then a WorkArts mentor will take over and get hands-on with your content, all while you can watch and learn.

Post-Production (2-Day Workshop)

(The Professional Product)


In this 2-day post-production workshop we'll be working on: picture editing, music choices, music editing, sound (production sound, sound effects/design, mix), color correction, and titles & graphic effects. Bring in your short-form content, and leave with a product that's professional grade.


(Sounds Awesome)


Get your online content sounding great! We'll be focusing on Production Sound, Sound-Effects/Sound Design, and Final Mix. Bad production sound is hard to fix, and it makes the whole video feel unprofessional. We'll be tackling production sound, and then focus on adding pop to it, with sound effects that pull the listener in. And then finessing the mix to make it more pleasant and professional.

Picture Editing

(The Perfect Edit)


You've created entertaining content, now it just needs some smoothing over to be more compelling and professional. In this workshop we'll be focusing on the picture edit. Want to make your content pop more, or more cinematic? The Editing workshop tackles those things.

Color Correction

(Stunning Image)


Color correction is one of the most important aspects of creating professional content. It's also one of the most overlooked. The reason your favorite tv show or film looks how it does is all in the color correction. We'll be focusing on fixing color problems and making your content look more professional.

Music Editing & Supervision

(A Compelling Soundtrack)


Music is often key to impactful content. An often overlooked aspect is in the music edit. How do you make the music hit at just the right moment, and emotionally carry the listener through the whole video. And could another piece of music serve the video better? We'll be addressing these things in this workshop.

Titling & Motion Graphics

(Final Touch)


Titling seems easy, but it's also easy to spot unprofessional titling. It's an artform that separates professional content from amateur content. We'll be putting a professional touch on the titles. In the Motion Graphics portion, we help you bring your motion graphics to life by adding that final professional touch.

Visual Effects & Animation

(Wow Factor)


Visual Effects is difficult and time consuming. But a little VFX can make content much more engaging, or realistic, and more professional. Whether you've already started putting in VFX and need help finessing, or have a clean slate that needs a little oomph, this workshop will be focused soley on VFX. Part two is focused on Animation. If you have animated sequences in your video, we'll be addressing any areas that can be made to look more professional.

Marketing and Distribution

(Real Audience)


The work is ready and easily available but where is your true audience. Experts discuss channel strategies: the decisions and metrics, monetization, and players. Discussion will include a review of widely acceptable audience building techniques, related to the idea of "real audience". Determining the type of content working online today. Nuturing your real audience.

Award-Winning Mentors
Multiple Emmy-Nominations

John Warrin

Sound Designer,

Emmy-nominated Sound Desiger/Mixer. John sound designed the critically-acclaimed doc Blackfish, and such shows as Survivor, Teen Wolf and Masterchef.

Bryan Parker

Sound Editor

5-time Emmy-nominated Sound Editor, Bryan has worked on such shows as American Idol, The Amazing Race, The Voice, Shark Tank, and Whale Wars.

Brian Ufberg


Has worked with directors Alejandro González Iñárritu and David Fincher and on such films as Ides Of March, Biutiful, Good Night And Good Luck and 21 Grams.

Yiqun Chen


Yiqun has worked on such films as How To Train Your Dragon 2, Turbo, Madagascar 3, Puss in Boots, Shrek Forever After, and Hoodwinked Too! Good vs. Evil

Peter Swartz


Peter Swartz, a colorist with over 20 years of professional experience, has worked on shows such as Suburgatory (ABC), NYPD Blue, as well as over 70 films & shorts.

Karol Urban

Sound Editor,

Sound Re-Recording Mixer and Sound Editor for shows such as Grey’s Anatomy, How To Get Away With Murder (ABC), Scandal (ABC), The Bachelorette.

Vincent Oresman


Vincent edited Mother, winner at Cannes Film Festival, commercials for Hewlett-Packard and Nissan, and shows such as Shark Wranglers, and Airplane Repo.

Greg Franklin


Greg has worked on EuroTrip, Black Dynamite, The Drawn Together Movie: The Movie!, as well as animated sequences on Fringe, ’Til Death, and Medium.

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